We help you to ensure your SAP projects are robust, successful, and adopted so as to achieve real business benefits.

The headline we’ve used for years is “providing certainty of outcome in SAP Projects” and that is central within our Empower framework. Over time it’s become clear to us that the main thing is to be able to deliver some form of change through a project and do that in the way that was planned and promised. The mantra of on-time, on-budget is common – however the prime goal must be to achieve the business benefits that the project was created for and invested in to deliver. And not just at a technology level, but adopted and embraced by users, working enthusiastically and in a better way.

Edson provides effective oversight of project delivery: it’s where we started years back and where we have a great deal of experience, not least from a long list of war-stories. We’ve encountered no end of issues – so that you won’t have to. We’ve honed our approach to detect issues at an early stage, often even before they arise, so that tomorrow’s catastrophes are avoided by today’s minor adjustments.

It’s a complex world and it’s usual to see multiple 3rd parties involved in projects too – platform providers, extended supply chains, outsourced business processes, software vendors, perhaps a primary IT provider – and a big part of our focus is to ensure clarity, harmony and close monitoring of all 3rd party service delivery to assure success. Our record is a project with 17 providers… and that took some assertive project management…

Projects inevitably impact business users, so we help shape appropriate engagement with them from day one: in a business change project, it’s usual to focus at the start on looking at best practice business processes and it’s vital not to jump into the IT before being clear here.

Finally, we help with effective stakeholder communication, to build confidence in the project and the team. This can be complex, and we sometimes find ourselves being instrumental in smoothing relationships and adjusting expectations. Managed effectively though, this can make a huge difference to the outcome.

Some examples of why people call us:

  • Resolve challenges with their SAP systems – whether performance, stability, integration issues, licensing, expiring support, upgrade strategy, business change or cost reduction
  • Review of current processes and advice on extending SAP solutions into new functional or processes areas
  • Health-check on how their system and operations support their business; feedback that they are doing the right things in managing business performance from their investment in SAP
  • Provide and oversee supplementary experienced experts when they’re needed – and/or help build and develop their own core team to support their SAP solutions
  • Help to resolve issues and achieve better, more effective relationships with stakeholders, users, management and suppliers
  • “Scope was well-managed, and the project came in on cost and time”
  • “You led the programme excellently. You displayed the right balance of challenge and support – for both the sponsor/senior management teams and the programme teams. You showed the right balance between being passionate for delivery and ensuring you took people with you on the journey. You held the suppliers/partners to account but ensured they stayed committed to the task”
  • “We used Edson for client-side support, for someone with real experience to hold our SI to account”
  • “Edson help us get it right first time – they have the experience, they know why stuff fails”