“We have our own mandated methodology – do we have to use the Empower Framework?”
Empower can be used alongside your preferred approach, bringing value from the tools, documents and content, etc. Empower is not a rigid methodology, but an enabling Framework applied in context for each Client engagement

“We have a complex application landscape: can you help us beyond our core SAP system?”
Yes – in fact we usually work in this way, supporting Clients across the landscape and across diverse applications. However our major experience has undoubtedly come from Clients with landscapes centred around SAP ERP thinking

“How are you linked to SAP?”
We are a formal SAP partner but we are independent: we do not resell or receive any payment from SAP in any way. We are a partner in order to access advanced and privileged information, and to be able to call on 3rd level support if we need

“Can you do the config work as an SI would?”
Yes we can, although we go much further than many SI’s as we cover business processes, business change management and data management. Many of our customers ask us to oversee their selected SI (whether onshore or offshore) – and some SI’s say it works better for them too when we manage the customer side, as we also understand what the SI’s need

“Do you cover the landscape architecture as well as the SAP application?”
Yes, and in particular at the moment, providing an objective view on cloud options (HEC, AWS, Azure, private cloud, etc.) v on-premise and the benefits and drawbacks of those options.

“We already have an outsourced systems provider – why would we need you?”
We provide independent client-side advice, based on deep expertise and considerable experience: it is quite likely that we could work with you and your provider to identify ways to improve the benefit and performance (business benefit and technical) you derive from your use of SAP.

“Can you give us an unbiased view on if or when we should move to SAP S/4 HANA?”
Yes. This would start with an understanding of where you are now and your business strategy. From there we can suggest all the relevant options available to you, together with an appraisal of the advantages, drawbacks and budgetary estimates of each.

“How would you help me convince the Board that cloud makes sense and is safe?”
We would start by understanding the benefits you see in using a cloud approach and what objections the Board have or may voice. From there, we assess what explanations, proofs or balanced rationale can be presented to support the best decision. A comparative risk analysis can also help. In many cases it comes down to providing a clear non-technical description of how cloud solutions work. It is also common to uncover disaster stories that have been passed around – which generally have little or nothing to do with the fact that a solution is cloud based.

“We’re confused by licensing – would you sit with us when we meet SAP to help sort it out?”
Yes. SAP Licensing is complex and requires an understanding of your use now and projected – which often requires a projection based on the company’s business strategy – and the basis of the contract you currently have. Once this is clear and understood, then we would help you in discussions with SAP to get to the correct and best position for you.

“We need to sort out our outsourcer; not replace them, just get them to perform better. Can you help?
Yes. It is important to introduce us in the right way so that there can be an open and productive discussion. From there we can carry out a Health Check assessment to identify issues and improvements and provide guidance to your provider on what would lead to a better outcome – which inevitably leads to a win-win for both parties.

“I’m expecting a major SAP project later next year. When is it worth us getting you involved?”
We would suggest as soon as possible. Planning for a project is THE most critical contributor to success and needs to start a long way before moving into procurement. Assessing the current situation, your business strategy, preferred solution architecture, project scope, organisational impact – and so on – all contribute to setting the project up for success. It can never be too soon.

“How can I take up references to check how good Edson really is?”
Please contact us with an outline of what, in particular, you would like to validate and we will endeavour to introduce you to one or more clients with whom you can have a private dialogue to assess this.

“How big is Edson? How many people do you have?”
Edson Consulting focuses on client-side advisory work, so we don’t have nor wish to have large teams of project personnel, functional configurers or programmers. Edson people are generally highly experienced experts in their area and the size of the team varies but generally we have about 300 people within our expertise pool.

“Do you mostly cover UK work?”
Whilst we are UK based, we usually have a number of projects and people working overseas at any one time, typically in Western Europe and the USA, but occasionally further afield. This arises either because clients are international or because organisations overseas hear of our relatively rare client-side advisory services and engage us. Obviously costs of travel are a factor, but we sensibly seek to minimise these to get best value for our clients.

“Do you get any commission fee or reward from SAP or any of the companies or products that you work with?”
No, as a matter of principle we don’t work on commission as our independence is important to us and our customers.