“We have our own mandated methodology – do we have to use the Empower Framework?”
Empower can be used alongside your preferred approach, bringing value from the tools, documents and content, etc. Empower is not a rigid methodology, but an enabling Framework applied in context for each Client engagement

“We have a complex application landscape: can you help us beyond our core SAP system?”
Yes – in fact we usually work in this way, supporting Clients across the landscape and across diverse applications. However our major experience has undoubtedly come from Clients with landscapes centred around SAP ERP thinking

“How are you linked to SAP?”
We are a formal SAP partner but we are independent: we do not resell or receive any payment from SAP in any way. We are a partner in order to access advanced and privileged information, and to be able to call on 3rd level support if we need

“Can you do the SAP config work as an SI would?”
Yes we can, although we go much further than many SAP SI’s as we cover business processes, business change management and data management. Many of our customers ask us to oversee their selected SI (whether onshore or offshore) – and some SI’s say it works better for them too when we manage the customer side, as we also understand what the SI’s need