Packaged Services

For some of the most in-demand services that Clients ask us about, we have Empower Packaged Services. These services have been optimised to help ensure our Clients get the most value in the least time. What does that mean?

  • A proven fit-for-purpose scope, based on experiences elsewhere – you don’t need to worry about making sure you have the right elements included – we’ve done that for you
  • Flexibility to adapt, enhance or focus this core start point as required – start with best practice and flex to address your scale and/or any specifics you particularly want to include
  • Lower prices for the core service, based on the efficiencies from having developed the approach and built the content, materials and methods needed for us to deliver this service on multiple occasions
  • Fixed price for the core service, given defined assumptions and scope definition, based on our experience of having delivered the services before elsewhere – this gives you the certainty and comfort of a known price

The range of Empower Packaged Services is currently: