Edson was set up in 2003, based centrally in Nottingham in the UK, to bring together experienced people in the SAP solutions market with the goal of helping Clients to solve issues and achieve greater success in their use of IT and in particular with SAP. Over time the experience and spread of expertise has evolved, and our reputation for supporting Clients over the years has become established.

We work with UK organisations, and with international organisations who have major operations in the UK: we provide services across the UK and abroad. We work with organisations across all sectors and we have particular business expertise in Operations and in the Process and Retail sectors

Edson is focused on organisations that use SAP software – across the full process & application landscape, as few organisations solely use SAP software. The approach and Empower framework are applicable to most IT solutions, though our deep expertise in SAP software is where we start.

Chris Edson Q&A

Chris founded Edson Consulting in 2003 and as MD, sets the agenda and defines the values that make the company what it is. In this informal, off-the-cuff video, Chris provides his personal insight into several topical areas that Clients ask us about:

  • What’s different about Edson
  • Help with S/4 HANA
  • Support in solving licensing matters
  • Example project profiles
  • Ideas for Clients feeling “stuck” on what to do

Example Clients we have worked with: