Reduce Project Costs with the EmpowerConnect methodology for remote projects

EmpowerConnect is a packaged solution which has been created to bring the power of our Empower Methodology to remote teams, allowing them to work together from any location with significant benefits including,

  • Lower Overall Project Costs
  • Faster Time to Benefits
  • Flexibility and control for remote projects
  • A clear record of decisions, designs and rationale
  • Flexible working hours
  • Reduced project expenses

Our Empower approach enables rapid business change and now operates for projects where the project team work remotely without our staff being in your office. This has the added advantage of reducing expenses, time and the cost of projects. We can deploy changes quickly despite the constraints caused by the Coronavirus.

The key features of EmpowerConnect are:

Lower the Cost of Projects

  • Reduced consultant costs for remote working
  • Staff working remote rather than travelling
  • Reduced expense and travel costs
  • Increased flexibility (part-time resources)

Reduce time to benefits

  • Faster project delivery
  • Project team have more time to dedicate to projects
  • Timezone flexibility
  • Continuous working day

Improved Business Processes

  • Based on Best Practice Processes embedded in Empower
  • The latest SAP S/4HANA processes
  • Workshop inputs predefined

Improved Decision Making

  • Structured working sessions using Empower templates
  • All Workshops and Design Sessions recorded
  • Fast decisions and a record of all decisions, designs, and functions
  • Strong governance and management processes

Access to a larger, flexible workforce

  • Remote teams collaborating safely across borders
  • Access to resources across countries and timezones
  • Round the clock working where required
  • Large flexible workforce across multiple geographies
  • Multidisciplined teams collaborating together
  • Several organisations working together (Client, Edson, SAP, Partners and Internal teams and remote resources)

Electronic tools embedded in Empower

  • Video conferencing and networking
  • Online workshops with recording capability
  • Project Management Toolkit for remote working
  • Secure document sharing
  • Electronic sign-off for key project documents
  • Team message and sharing tools
  • Virtual project meetings rooms – always open

Some of the tools we use in EmpowerConnect

  • “We wanted it to be ‘business as usual’ during this implementation and Edson have led us through a pain free process with superior knowledge, professionalism and understanding of our opportunities and challenges”
  • “…broad experience and knowledge of SAP allowed Edson to identify, drill down into and resolve the issues that were most likely to impact the release. Edson planned and managed the cutover very effectively, ensuring that the required activities were identified and planned to the lowest level of detail, and managed the communication process across the technical teams and impacted business departments with clarity and confidence”