We guide you on improving and strengthening your SAP operations to enhance your business performance

Implementations are, of course, very important, but the real focus should always be on what happens next – where your business is using the system. It doesn’t end when the hectic months of the project finish, with the popping of champagne corks on go-live day as the project team heads off home. In fact that’s really the start. That’s when you get the payback. That’s when you need the system to be working properly. That’s when you want your users to be using processes that really help the business.

We often get involved to review business processes at a later stage, looking to improve or adapt to remove waste & cost and improve agility. Another common request is to investigate the system and help ensure SAP software is running efficiently – across infrastructure, software & data: we will advise on solving known issues and how to use preventative maintenance to keep everything ticking properly. Sometimes there is no specific issue, but you may want us to review a current project or operations to benchmark against others and identify potential for improvement or cost reduction.

For those with their own teams, it may be that you just need extra hands, or assistance in some specific area, or indeed just for us to stand behind your own team, supplementing skills where needed and helping you develop your own competency centre.

Some examples of why people call us:

  • Resolve challenges with their SAP systems – whether performance, stability, integration issues, licensing, expiring support, upgrade strategy, business change or cost reduction
  • Review of current processes and advice on extending their SAP solution into new functional or processes areas
  • Health-check on how their system and operations support their business; feedback that they are doing the right things in managing business performance from their investment in SAP
  • Provide and oversee supplementary experienced experts when they’re needed – and/or help build and develop their own core team to support their SAP solutions
  • Help to resolve issues and achieve better, more effective relationships with stakeholders, users, management and suppliers
  • “…giving a good level of confidence that the work would deliver on time and to cost and quality, but also used their wide experience to give a lot of valuable guidance on how to get the best out of SAP and on wider project governance issues”
  • “The smoothness of the release was a great credit to Edson”
  • “The SAP release went in on time at a high level of quality, with a low level of service incidents following the cutover.”
  • “They have a great attitude – they work on your behalf, they act like one of us. They are the team you’d like to have, with their miles, and with their experience”