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Our philosophy when it comes to working for us is simple: we want to have people with solid expertise, a passion for helping Clients and who naturally work according to our values.

If you think that might be for you, then please do get in touch: we are nearly always on the look-out for really good people, in all sorts of areas related to the effective use of SAP – with a business, project or technology perspective.

Our people are nearly all based remotely, whether on Client sites or home and we work hard at our team culture, with social, working-group and training get-togethers. Everyone follows – and contributes to – the Empower framework, and we acknowledge our best contributors.

If you aspire to be part of the Edson team, to make a difference, and to share in our culture and in our sense of being valuable and worthwhile for our Clients, then perhaps coming on board is for you.

Let’s talk….