Health-check for SAP systems

Nothing stays the same. Your business, organisation and processes will have changed since SAP software was first used. SAP has introduced new functionality, upgraded software versions and many patches. It will therefore be quite likely that you are not operating optimally – in terms of business process performance, risk, or system performance. Working out what to do needs an experienced eye to identify what matters and what doesn’t, to work out how to go about improving matters – and there are likely to be some quick wins as well as important improvements to consider.

The Edson Health-check for SAP systems provides an independent review of all the ERP dimensions to check the health of your system (Business Processes, Organisation, People and Technology) to establish the underlying health of your SAP solutions and how well they support your business. This offers a view of both risk and efficiency against best practice. It identifies what you need to do to keep it performing optimally and to increase the value from your investment.

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