Birmingham, UK: Edson Consulting announced today at the 2018 UKI SAP User Group conference that it has repositioned in the SAP marketplace to focus on helping clients throughout the entire SAP lifecycle – from getting the scope and process design right, through to ensuring robust and effective operations that deliver real business benefits from investing in SAP.

This enhancement arose through analysis of where previous clients have derived most value from Edson’s help, with common examples being identifying and solving challenges before and after the project phase. Project delivery and change management remains a core service.

Aligned with this, Edson is leveraging its considerable experience from thousands of engagements with organisations using SAP, through Empower, a lifecycle framework that everyone at Edson applies consistently to ensure best outcomes for clients. Empower is a toolkit of best practice business process models, governance models, role profiles, checklists, workflows, project plans, stakeholder engagement models and more, to ensure each client has access to the widest experiences and reduced costs through using established proven materials.

Founder Chris Edson explains “Empower covers much more than just a project methodology and the activation of SAP at project go-live – it includes the Evaluation, Delivery and Operation of SAP: it addresses the full SAP lifecycle from the client perspective – i.e. deciding how to improve SAP, robust operations, and attainment of business improvement through enhanced business processes and engaged users leveraging the technology. Empower considers the operating model and the business return on investment – not just making the software work – and that’s what our clients demand.”

Edson is also introducing packaged and fixed price service packs, enabling faster results with less cost: initial examples include: SAP Roadmap development, Planning for SAP S/4 & SAP HANA and Planning for Brexit implications.

About Edson Consulting

Now in its fifteenth year, Edson brings together experienced people in the SAP market with the goal of helping clients to solve issues and achieve greater success in their use of SAP. Over time, the experience and spread of expertise has evolved, and its reputation for supporting clients over long-term relationships has become established. Edson works with organisations across all sectors and has particular business expertise in Operations and in the Process and Retail sectors.


To hear more, please contact:

Emily Edson
Edson Consulting Ltd,
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Tel: +44(0)115 916 35 72

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